Laser Die Cutting and Slitting Integrated
Machine equipped with devices

Laser Die Cutting and Slitting Integrated Machine equipped with devices such as :

Rewinding and unwinding system,automatically changing rolls,tension control,tab reinforcement,air knife dust removal,FFU,galvanometer system,laser source,Professional laser dust removal system,shredder,slitting mechanism,CCD real-time detection system, etc.

Benifits of Laser Die Cutting and Slitting Integrated Machine

Excellent pipe dust removal system ,which greatly reduces the dust generated while the equipment is working
laser die cutting, reduces tool wear
short transformation time, high productivity, low noise 

Main features

Die-cutting and slitting are integrated, laser die-cutting reduces tool wear, CCD on-line detecting o size and defects, automatic identification and removal of defects.Small burrs, good dust removal effect, short changeover time, high equipment efficiency, and realization of incoming material code scanning record.

Industry Application

The laser die-cutting and slitting integrated machine is mainly used in the die-cutting and slitting sections of the new energy battery winding process.

Technical Parameters

Machine model MQA50120-laser die-cutting and slitting machine
Compatible size 220-500mm
Tension control 5-100N, accuracy ≤±3N
Roller passing accuracy Crcle runout ≤0.02mm, straightness ≤0.02mm
Roller installation accuracy Parallelism between rolls is 0.04mm, levelness between rolls is 0.05mm, circle runout is 0.04mm
Travel correction accuracy ±0.1mm
Heat-affected area ≤100MM, and no discoloration occurs in the foil, slurry, and coating area
Melt beads ≤10μm (melt beads splash on the pole piece) within 10mm of the cutting edge
Laser die-cutting burrs Positive electrode: the end-face of the coating area ≤40MM, the end- face of the non-coating area≤100MM
Laser die-cutting burrs Negative electrode: the end-face of the coating area ≤ 0MM, the end-face of the non-coating area≤ 40 mm
Slitting coating burr Plane (transverse)≤6um, end-face (longitudinal)≤10um
Slitting width deviation ≤±0.2mm
Edge serpentine offset ≤2.0/1000
Rewinding alignment ≤±0.5mm
Single machine capacity 60-80m/min
Appearance There is no turn-over, breakage, wrinkle on the pole ear, no wrinkle or damage on the pole piece, no metal leakage
Pole piece yield rate ≥99.5Does not contain poor incoming materials and misoperation
Equipment failure rate ≤2%



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