DC0605 - PET Film Cutting Machine

DC0605-PET Film cutting machine equipped with devices such as:

Laser source、Reflector、focus lens、Reflection frames、Reflector fine tooth adjustment screw、Screw machine、X,Y axis module driver、Touch screen、X,Y axis tow chain and fixing seat、Marble structural parts、Sensors、Barometers、Auxiliary gas pressure regulating valve、Cooling fan、Machine body

Benefits of DC0605-PET Film Cutting Machine

High cutting accuracy
CCD automatic positioning
Marble base for high stability
The cutting material surface is clean
Environmentally friendly solution to collect smoke and scrap material,low-maintenance

Main features

1.Gantry construction with double servo motors and drivers, high inertia servo motor, maximum acceleration of 1G;

2.Reinforced welding bed, high strength beam coping with high precision marble table, ensure high dynamic of the machine system

3.Imported laser source and optical devices, good beam quality, stable output power, and low maintenance costs;

4.Self-developed laser cutting software , it features excellent motion control performance and Powerful graphics processing functions

5.Especialy designed smoke exhaust system, strongly absorb smoking and effectively control the cutting effect

Industry Application

Mainly used for high-precision cutting of non-metal thin film materials, such as GDF film, Polarizer, touch screen PET, OCA,Electronic paper, handwriting board, flexible OLED, etc.

Technical Parameters

Machine model DC0605-PET die cutting machine
Laser power 55W
Laser form CO2 Seal-Off (sealed)
Positioning method CCD visual positioning
Focusing lens 1.5’’
Control System Precision Ball Screw + Delta Servo System
Desktop type Flying light path
X axis stroke 600mm
Y axis travel 500mm
Positioning accuracy ±0.05MM
Laser power control Digital laser power control and automatic proportional pulse and color connection
Machine net weight 850KG



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