Laser Welding Machine Promotes The Development and Application of Titanium Alloy

2020-02-29 17:01:55

With the development of science and technology and the demand of the market, the original status of many metal products is constantly declining, which is gradually replaced by titanium alloy, because titanium alloy is often used in parts, machinery and other fields, so laser welding machine is needed to repair and weld. 

Laser welding machine technology has become more mature, compared with the traditional mechanical repair technology, not only more efficient, due to the size of parts, material constraints are smaller, but also in the use of the cost has been greatly reduced, laser welding machine for titanium alloy welding has been greatly improved, large to large mechanical titanium alloy equipment, small to very small titanium alloy process products, but also can be highly efficient, high-speed processing of its products, basically because of the shape of the required welding, complex impact. Titanium alloy material has its own strength and corrosion resistance.  the attention of various industries, laser welding machine technology will be widely used in various industries, play a more and more important role. 

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