On the afternoon of May 23, 2021, G.WEIKE LASER's GWEIKE CLOUD 3D laser engraving machine global press conference and charity donation with the theme of "The Laser Realize The Creatives As Your Wish" was grandly opened, and the desktop laser cutter and engraver who are based on smart cloud + technology. this is the first product under the Gweikecloud brand.

Fang Kuiming, Director of the Intelligent Equipment Industry Development Center of Jinan High-tech Zone, Li Maohua, a third-level investigator of the Economic Department of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, Gao Yiming, Vice Minister of the Development and Security Department of the Management Committee of Jinan High-tech Zone, Xu Qinghai, Vice President of the High-tech Zone Charity Federation, and Jinan High-tech Zone Manager Leaders such as Dong Sheng from the Education Office of the Ministry of Development and Security of the Committee, Wang Jing, principal of Dongcheng Yijia Junior High School in Jinan High-tech Zone, Yang Hongbo, principal of Dongcheng Yijia Primary School in Jinan High-tech Zone, were invited to attend.

G.WEIKE LASER, with its top innovation, independently developed and produced this domestically pioneered new type of laser equipment specially designed for education and creativity—the smart cloud laser cutter and engraver, which filled the gap in the domestic market.

Shandong TV Station Public Channel, Shandong Radio and Television Station, Shandong TV Station Qilu Channel, Jinan Daily, Tencent, Baidu Shandong, China Shandong Net, Qilu One Point, Dazhong Daily, Toutiao, Phoenix Net, China Education Online, Shandong Workers News, etc. Authoritative media gathered at the press conference to witness this important moment together.  
 Fang Kuiming, director of the Intelligent Equipment Industry Development Center of Jinan High-tech Zone, and Gao Yiming, deputy director of the Development Guarantee Department of Jinan High-tech Zone Management Committee, gave opening speeches for the meeting, and made wonderful speeches on the achievements of G.WEIKE LASER and the new product release expectations.

Mr. Jiang Xifeng, general manager of G.WEIKE LASER, attended the meeting and delivered an opening speech. He warmly welcomes guests and friends from all over the world, expressing G.WEIKE LASER's enthusiasm for charity and public welfare, as well as the determination to continue to develop smart cloud + technology and join the education industry. And it demonstrates the huge educational force contained in laser technology.

At the new product launch conference, the G.WEIKE CLOUD launch ceremony was held in the presence of everyone in the audience. G.WEIKE CLOUD Laser cutter and engraver focused on the current four smart technologies-AI, Internet of Things, cloud computing, and new human-computer interaction. Realize the interconnection between people and laser equipment.

Product R&D Manager, Yan Peng, conducted a multi-dimensional in-depth analysis on the development history, application scenarios, technical advantages, market prospects and capacity of STEAM education of the cloud laser engraving machine.

Demonstration of children’s drawings on site. This machine is based on high-definition fisheye lens combined with AI computer vision algorithms. It uses the system to intelligently extract patterns, automatically match operating parameters, and engrave with one key. It instantly presents the work that children want to cut or engrave. At the same time, it also has the function of opening and stopping to ensure safe operation

With 17 years of deep cultivation in the laser industry, GWEIKE LASER has always adhered to the core values of "Quality First, Treating People Sincerely" and the sense of social responsibility of "Boundless Love and Warmth". It has always been committed to the development of social undertakings and actively participated in social welfare undertakings such as charity and education. GWEIKE LASER launched the "Educational Power Nation Charity Donation Activity", respectively donating our GWEIKE CLOUD laser cutter and engraver to Dongcheng Yijia Junior High School in Jinan High-tech Zone and Dongcheng Yijia Primary School in Jinan High-tech Zone, and also donated 1,000 sets of learning ten primary schools in Jinan.

We invite calligraphers, Mr. Zhai Shengliang, to write the theme of this conference and use a laser engraving machine to engrave on acrylic. The 5 million wide-angle camera gives the cloud laser engraving machine the ability to "see" and automatically identify and extract the surface of any object. The patterns show the calligraphy master's calligraphy on the engraving samples.

The use of laser technology to promote the development of education and the development of innovative capabilities in an interesting way demonstrate the tremendous force behind laser technology. Let the dream of "everyone is a designer" become a reality.  

 A strong country in science and technology, a strong country in education, this is the transmission of public welfare power of technology empowerment and charity, and it is also a new product release in the field of cross-border education and laser. G.WEIKE LASER takes laser technology as its core function, follows the pace of in-depth changes in intelligent creation, takes digitization, networking, and intelligence as its development direction, and promotes the new generation of information technology and laser equipment such as big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, etc. The deep integration of G.WEIKE CLOUD laser cutter and engraver will push “create in china” to the world with world-leading technical standards

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