Laser Source / Laser Head / Control System / Servo Motor / Chiller
5 core GWEIKE  laser parts
Standard Container Transport

The machine is shipped in a 20GP standard container, saving 50% overseas freight for customers.


Equipped with thermostatic and humidistatic air conditioners, not bothered by temperature, stable performance, service life increased by 50%.

Grade III Anti-high-reflection Cut Design

Stripping back the light step by step effectively protects the laser, extends the life of the laser, and improves the laser's ability to resist high-reflection and cut high-reflection materials.

Upgrade of Function and Quality

Intelligent Laser Head

The system can adjust in real time according to the air pressure feedback of the cutting head to ensure the cutting quality and prevent problems.
Real-time monitoring, high temperature alert, effectively protect the cutting head optical path system, safety protection is more assured.
Gas Pressure CalibrationTemperature warning
Gas Pressure Calibration
Temperature warning

Perforation Slag Removal

It can effectively remove the scum produced by the perforation of the thick plate, ensure the accurayacy of the focus postion, improve the quality and slag removal.
Perforation Slag Removal

Bus System + Motor

Bus systems with bus motors are powerful, convenient to deploy, yet also faster, accurate, flexible, efficient, stable, and reliable.
Bus System + Motor

Smart Laser Off

Intelligent adjustment of retracting pressure, improve the smoothness of the internal mold section and the integrity of the external mold surface. Go to stay intact, smooth retracting.
Smart Laser Off

Visual Collision Avoidance

The camera can automatically detect when someone enters the machine and the machine stops working.
Visual Collision Avoidance

5 Core Parts Independent Research & Development, Quality Upgrade

  • The components fit perfectly with each other to maximize the overall performance.

  • Significantly reduce the failure rate at component connections.

  • Prevent quality problems caused by multi-component assembly, after-sales disputes, and mutual responsibility shirking.

  • Avoid multiple transportation and disassembly so that the products are not easy to be contaminated.

Parâmetros técnicos

Machine model GA 3rd Generation
Laser power 12000W/6000W/3000W
Working area 6050*2530/4050*2030/3050*1500mm
X/Y axis positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
X/Y axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Max. Running speed 120m/min
Max. Acceleration 1.5G





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