Pull-out Platform

The Pull-out Platform can pull out the entire working width, and the whole plate can be loaded vertically, which is more convenient for loading. After the cutting is completed, there is no need to probe into the equipment to pick up the material, which is more convenient.Pull-out Platform can lock the platform at any position within the range of the pull-out stroke of the platform.

With a Fully Enclosed Design

The fully enclosed cover has beautiful appearance, good smoke exhaust effect, hygiene and high safety, which can meet the requirements of European CE and American FDA safety standards.

Welded Bed With Mortise-and-tenon Joint

The bed is welded by high-quality steel plate and pipe. The mortise and tenon welding process ensure that the bed has sufficient structural stability, shock resistance and no deformation for long time.

Segmented Smoke Extraction

Adopting a new smoke exhaust method of two blowing and one suction segmental smoke exhaust, the smoke exhaust effect is better.


Built-in electric control cabinet and laser sourceSave freight cost.Save installation time. Whole machine can fit into a 20-foot container.

Parâmetros técnicos

Machine model LF3015P
Laser power 1000-6000W
Maximum processing range 3000x1500mm
X / Y / Z axis positioning accurac ±0.03mm
X / Y / Z axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
X / Y / Z axis maximum cutting speed 80m/min
X / Y / Z maximum acceleration 1.0G
Working platform load 700KG
Working voltage 220 V
Dimension 4700*3330*2415mm
Total weight 3150KG





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