GWEIKE AT FABEX Saudi Arabia 2023

2023-11-14 13:53:11

On 15th October 2023, GWEIKE as a professional manufacturer of laser equipment attended the FABEX in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.FABEX Saudi Arabia 2023 is the most influential metal and steel processing exhibition in Saudi Arabia. The exhibition is characterized as the leading B2B business platform for steel, steel manufacturing, metallurgy, and other industries in the Gulf region and the Arab market.


GWEIKE showcased two classic models LF3015LN&LCW3000II at this exhibition.LF3015LN is one of the most popular laser cutting machines among customers. It has high cutting quality and fast cutting speed and is mainly used for cutting various kinds of metal sheets.LCW3000II is the hot sale handheld laser welding, cleaning, and cutting machine. It is widely welcomed by the market for its easy operation and complete functions. These two machines attracted the attention of many customers at the exhibition and received high praise.


At this exhibition, GWEIKE met many new and old customers. Through communication, GWEIKE introduced the latest laser technology to customers and provided them with technical solutions suitable for them. They spoke highly of GWEIKE's machines and services. At the same time, GWEIKE has also gained a closer understanding of the customer needs in the Saudi Arabian market, laying the foundation for better services to customers in Saudi Arabia.


In the future, GWEIKE will continue to focus on product research and development to provide high quality products and services to customers all over the world.

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