Automatic Feeding Device

Automatic loading and unloading

Fully automatic loading and unloading,finished product loading and new material loading within 70S,save labor and improve production efficiency.

Gantry structure

Gantry type automatic loading and unloading structure,high stability,high safety factor,customers can choose not to lay foundation,easy to install,with CE certification.

SMC pneumatic components

SMC vacuum suction cup,with long mission,international brand,high safety factor action sensitivity,good effect of layered thickness measurement.

Automatic Feeding Device Technical Parameter

Model GA / GH / GC Series
Thickness of loading and unloading materia 1-8mm
Maximum loading plate size 3000*1500mm
Minimum loading plate size 1000*1000mm
Maximum workpiece weight 300kg
Total motor power 8kw
Supply pressure 0.55mpa
Machine dimension(Length*Width*Height) 9000mm*7000mm*4200mm

Applicable model



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