How to deal with problems of laser cutting medium and thick metal plates

2019-11-09 10:46:17

As a material cutting method, cutting by fiber laser has been accepted more and more by sheet metal producers. Laser cutting has become one of the important metal processing methods in modern enterprises. Laser cutting is to use focused high power density laser beam to illuminate the workpiece, make the irradiated material melt, vaporize, ablate or reach the ignition point, at the same time, use the high speed airflow of coaxial with the beam to blow away the molten material, thus realize the cutting of the workpiece.

There are several common problems in laser cutting of thick metal plates:

Perforation for thick carbon steel

In thick plate processing, the problem of perforation time accounts for a large proportion. Laser manufacturers have drawn up their own perforation plan, which is more representative of energy perforation. The advantage of this method is high speed (1 second, take t16mm as an example-the following is the same), but the defect is to affect the processing of small shapes, the injection of energy during the perforation causes the plate temperature to rise, thus affecting the overall cutting process. When perforated with a low power pulse, it takes a long time (12 seconds) to reduce cutting efficiency.

Cutting surface quality

When processing medium and thick plate, it often meets the problem of cutting cross section. The common problems are overburning and slag sticking, so that the value of the high price laser processing machine can’t be shown to be different from cutting quality by other machine.

Machine stability

In the whole plate processing of metal steel, there is often a phenomenon that local area processing is not good. This is sometimes random, even when the machine is in good condition. In order to deal with local fault products, the whole work progress is greatly affected. Here, the author also gives some analysis and countermeasures for the failure of processing for unknown reasons.


There are the following solutions to the above problem:

Peak perforation: To use high peak pulse laser with low duty cycle, assisted by spraying non-fuel on the surface of the material to remove the hole edge attachment, control the reasonable frequency of pulse cooling edge .

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