How to improve fiber laser cutting quality of your machine?

2019-10-26 11:34:39

As we all know, the most important advantage of metal laser cutting machine is that it can greatly improve the cutting accuracy. However, many customers have such problems during the actual use process, that is, only pay attention to the cutting speed, which will lead to the product quality can’t be effectively controlled. So how to ensure the quality of laser cutting? Let G.WEIKE tell you.

1.Preparation before cutting

In order to improve the cutting quality, it is necessary to carry out scientific and reasonable cutting design, review and repair the drawings before cutting.

2.During cutting

During the cutting process, in addition to adjusting the relevant parameters of the machine according to the material thickness, your operator should pay attention to the cutting quality of the sample. The batch cutting shall be carried out only after the sample printing quality is qualified enough. 

3.Correct adjustment of focus position

Adjust the position of focus according to the material and thickness of the cut. Usually thin carbon steel below 5mm, with zero focal length and focus on the surface of the workpiece, aluminum, stainless steel and other workpiece focus on the surface of the workpiece, when cutting thick carbon steel plate, the focus is on the surface of the workpiece.

4.Adjust assist gas pressure data

When cutting at a faster speed, the stability of gas pressure has a great influence on the cutting burr. According to the data parameters provided by G.WEIKE LASER, the best gas pressure can be adjusted to ensure the quality after cutting.

fiber laser cutting machine

In fact, no matter how high-tech the machine is, it can’t work it self without operator, so it is necessary to remind the operator or engineer of customers to learn how to use the machine from G.WEIKE, or if customers have any problems with machines, please feel free to call G.WEIKE 24 hours after-sales service hot line:

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