Arbitrary rotation of cutting head, special-shaped surface processing tool

The three-dimensional five-axis linkage cutting head is independently developed, which can realize N*360° rotation and ±135° swing, showing flexible processing strength. The three-dimensional modeling process is formed in one time, and the efficiency and accuracy are double guaranteed.

Autonomous research and development laser head

Combined with optical principles, mathematical algorithms, etc., solve the problem of unlimited rotation technology.
 With anti -collision function, effectively protect the safety of the laser head when running.

Elevated gantry structure, double excellent speed and accuracy

Elevated gantry structure + precision servo drive + multi-axis linkage, supported by CAE scientific analysis data, the whole machine structure and core are not finely designed to ensure the dynamic performance and stability of the whole machine.

Efficient:The cutting time of a single B -pillar can reach less than 50s, and the rotation station rotates no more than 3 seconds;
Stability:7X24 hours continuously run, using modular design, core components use international brands;
Safety: meet the CE/CDRH related standards, which meet the general safety standards of the automotive industry

  • Repeat positioning accuracy


  • Distance C axis


  • Distance A axis



Machine model GKS-M3015G
Distance X axis≥3000mm、Y axis≥1500mm 、Z axis≥650mm
Speed X/Y/Z axis≥100m/min
Acceleration X/Y/Z axis≥1g
Positioning accuracy X/Y/Z axis±0.05mm
Repeat positioning accuracy X/Y/Z axis±0.03mm
Three-dimensional five-axis cutting head  
Distance C axis Nx360°、A axis±135°
Speed C/A axis≥90r/min
Acceleration C/A axis≥90rad/s²
Positioning accuracy C/A axis±0.015°
Repeat positioning accuracy C/A axis±0.005°



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